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This is a magnificent area of the world to spend your days fishing, still relatively few have experienced it. Access to Coiba National Park and ability to remain more than a day has always been a challenge. It’s far out of reach to most.

A beautiful & uninhabited tropical island environment, always protected from  exploitation by it’s  remote location, eighty years a prison colony and now 20 years a national park.

We have a wide variety of fantastic saltwater gamefish, unlike anywhere else in Central America. Roosterfish, Wahoo, Black Marlin, Cubera Snapper and a dozen or more other large gamefish are common catches, for someone able to spend a week fishing.

Captain Tom’s been guiding fishermen here nearly 30 years, the past twenty from the 31′ Bertam “Joker”, a classic fishing boat, capable in 3 feet as in 3,000 feet.  Just what you’d want out in these islands.

Undersea topography surrounding Isla Coiba provides many fish aggregating locations.  Seamounts, ledges, banks, pinnacles and current lines provide structure ,where live bait techniques produce big fish. Nearer the islands a remarkable variety of beautiful fish can be caught on strip baits, live green jacks, poppers & diving lures

 So many fish, so few people. It’s always been that way here. Islands, beaches, whales, marlin… It’s a most desirable place to be; fishing.



Home Parallax

Far from roads and services we lodge from an island at the center of a large bay encircled with mountains. Isla Talon or Managua depending on which chart,  is home to maybe 200 residents whose economy is based on subsistence fishing and barter for the most part.  A remote and picturesque place only four miles outside Isla Coiba National Park.

We offer a small, two-story 4- bedroom room lodge, with air-conditioned, single occupancy rooms, new king size beds and magnificent uncluttered views of calm water and tall mountains.

Meals are prepared & served American style with fresh ingredients by the captain’s daughter, Jessica.

Fishing is from a custom 31 Bertram captained by American Captain Tom, who has enjoyed nearly 30 years guiding the best sort of fishermen in these beautiful far away islands.

We come up with different offers appealing to small groups only. Your’s will be our only party during your time here. Personalized service rendered by the charter owners themselves.

We want you to experience what we love about fishing here. The area is full of life! Birds, fish, crabs, crocodiles, turtles, manta rays, whales and dolphins. Mega pods of dolphins with countless thousands of Yellowfin Tuna. The islands are mountains of the pristine uncut rainforest, with trophy Roosterfish & Cubera Snapper hunting the coastlines. Every day can be a unique adventure to different fascinating areas.

Talk with us about all the possibilities so we can make an itinerary just for you and your party.



Here are two great price offers to give you an idea of cost.


6-Day / 7-night all-inclusive

Fast & Cool
VIP airport expediting anytime you are in the airport
Round trip private air charter flights from/to the same airport
2 hotel nights / 5 lodge nights
meals, beverages, premium open bar



6 full days of fishing
$5,000 ea. for a group of four

3-Day / 6-night all-inclusive

Chauffeured luxury
Overnight upon arrival in separate deluxe poolside rooms at a resort hotel
7-hour cross country drive in chauffeur-driven Cadillac Escalade or Chevrolet Suburban
24-mile boat ride along the scenic coast to the lodge in Bahia Honda
4 lodge nights / 2 hotel nights
meals, beverages & beer BYOB

3 full days of fishing
$3,750 ea. for a group of two


Every day you will feel confident, the fish of your life just might bite…any minute.

You will be on the right spot in the right place.


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