Blacktip Shark

Blacktip Shark


Blacktip Sharks are fantastic fish. We’ve fought quite a few big Blacktip Sharks, but I can’t seem to find a photograph to prove it, only bull sharks.

We catch little ones like this on Rapallas. Great little fighters.

We had one that went over 200 pounds.  I never took a photograph of it, I can find.  It came in backwards, the hook pulled and got it in the tail, so it came it dead. We fillet it out and whacked the big fins off. All the meat was delicious, and was eaten right away. No ammonia smell, just great meat. The fins I boiled down one at a time. I found they could have been worth up to $500 each.  It takes 10 hours of simmering the shark fin,  to render a big fin down, to the little sperm looking noodles, asians are so crazy for. At the bottom of the pan, is all the little dental dermal teeth. The little rainbow hued sperms float around, so you can ladle them out. They taste like nothing. They have an interesting little crunch, sort of when you bite one. That’s all it’s got over a noodle.  I ate all the fins, but never felt any elevated libido. Or any effect other than wonder, at how ridicules it is, asians are wasting so many sharks for nothing.  Absurd waste. 

Blacktips take our bonitos when drifting for Cubera Snapper & Almaco Jacks.  Even with monofilament leader, big sharks may stay on till they almost reach the boat. Using circle hooks with big live bait, the hook more often gets a fish, the mouth, so sometimes they don’t cut us off immediately. 

You think you’ve got a Blacktip Shark hooked, when you realize something different is running very hard and out, while bottom fishing with your live bonito. When you set the hook, they more often come rocketing out of the water, spinning in the air! That’s where  you lose him most often. The line gets wrapped around it’s dental dermal skin, the skin is all little serrated teeth and that cuts them off. 


When it comes to fighting, be prepared for a challenge! Blacktip shark are powerful, strong and aggressive.  They have incredible speed and strength.  With their aggressive nature, they attack and come 10 feet out of the water, spinning several times and wrapping themselves in the line.  The have hard long runs! Be prepared to put up a tough fight to reel this strong fighter in.  There’s nothing boring about this shark!


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