Blue Runner

The blue runner is one of the members of the jack family. It can be grouped among the large marine fish species. The blue runner (Caranx crysos) can also be referred to by other terms such as Hardtail Jack, Egyptian Scad or Hardnose.

blue runner game fish coiba island

The blue runner can be said to be a moderately large fish as compared to other species. It will grow to a maximum length of 27.56 inches and can gain weight of up to 11.13 pounds. With its elongated and moderately compressed body, it is similar to other carangids.

The blue runner, varies slightly in colors. Can be bluish green to olive green in the dorsal area and silvery grey to brassy towards the lower side.

This fish species can be distinguished from others because of its upper jaw, number of lateral line scales and the gill rakers count. In most cases, it inhabits both offshore and inshore environments. Can also inhabit reefs but predominantly.

The blue runner is a fun fish to catch, particularly on light tackle and are another species to add to your fishing “hit list”. The smaller blue runners are commonly used for live bait and are savored by many larger species of fish.

Feeding Behavior

The feeding mode of this type of fish is quite amazing. It is a predator fish. It is known to hunt even in inshore environments. Can also feed on crustaceans plus other invertebrates. Because of its feeding mode, there is high rate of reproduction.

The blue runner is quite a simple tackle game fish. You can easily fish the blue runner by use of baits lure or flies.

You can easily locate blue runner in the tropical areas as well as temperate waters around Atlantic Ocean. These areas may include Brazil to Canada. Angola, Mediterranean Sea, Great Britain.

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