Bull Shark

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What are Bull Sharks?

These types of sharks are widely dispersed over the world. To narrow down, they are commonly found in shallow waters on coasts near highly populated areas such and shorelines in the tropics and in inland in rivers. This is common where the water is warm.

Where to find bull sharks

Their associated depth is below 30 meters but they rarely swim below 150 meters.

The bull sharks are not largely affected by salt content of water in which they dwell. Thinking you are clear off the bull shark, you might as well be surprised to encounter one or several others in the fresh waters.

You might as well take a sigh of relief. Human interaction with sharks in fresh waters are relatively few. My advice, do not risk exposing yourself to sharks because you are in fresh waters. You might be among the ‘few’.

Specifically, bull sharks are known to make up majority of the human and shark interactions especially in fresh waters. These incidences occur majorly near the shores.

Identifying a Bull Shark

In appearance, this type of shark has a wide and flattened snout with a stocky shape. Bull Sharks are grey on top and white on the lower side. They are aggressive; however, their behavior is unpredictable.

Because of the various habitats, these sharks have earned themselves several names which include:

  • Fitzroy Creek whaler
  • Lake Nicaragua shark
  • Ganges River shark
  • Freshwater whaler
  • Swan River whaler

Physical attributes

Female bull shark are larger than the male bull sharks. At birth, it’s length may be up to 2.66 ft. in length at birth. However, as an adult it can reach up to 7.9 feet and weigh up to 290 pounds.  Male Bull Shark can grow up to 7.4 feet and weigh 209 pounds.

When hooked on a rod and reel, the bull shark is a hard fighter. It can take quite a while to get one to the boat. Most anglers will be worn out and sweating up a storm after fighting one of these denizens.

Bull sharks diet

Basically, the bull sharks eat bony fish and other sharks. On rare occasions, these sharks shift to other delicacies such as;

  • Swimming land mammals
  • Dolphins
  • Squids and sea turtles

Did you know?

  • From a human point of view, bull sharks are arguably the most dangerous shark species
  • Bull sharks are the only shark species that can be found regularly in fresh water
  • Bull sharks are not fished. Only accidentally will you find these sharks fished

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