Frequently Asked Questions

Fly to Panama Tocuman International Airport. Overnight in city.

Fly private charter  from Albrook – Marcos Gilbert Airport to Isla de Coiba.

Yes, please call for availability 

Possibly, but not recommended. The staterooms on our mothership sleep four, the airplane seats four & the boat is comfortable with four.

No. This is a catch & release fishing trip. Only the fish we eat at camp get bonked on the head.


Yes. The cabin is powered by the park generator which runs 7 :00 pm till 6:00 am. If the park generator goes down, we have a spare power plant to power your cabin.

Yes. We have a satellite telephone to loan for short calls while out fishing. Also a payphone exists at the camp. You will need to ask your taxi or limo driver to purchase a $5 Cable & Wireless ‘Tele-chip’ calling-card from any corner market in Panama, to use in the payphone. Calls to US are billed at 10 cents per minute over payphone.


No.  According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) there are no vaccinations required for Panama.

Black Marlin. Excellent chance year-round. Possibly more bites December through April. Maybe the biggest during summer months.  Truly any month, can be the best of the year.

Blue Marlin frequent the area most December through May. January and February are normally the best. 

September through November, the wettest months bring many big fish species in close to the islands. This is the best time to fish inshore for mixed bag. Black Marlin fishing is more often very good in the rainiest months, with surprise hook-ups near shore.

Most Wahoo during rainy season, September – November the best & biggest. 

January through April is dry season. Mostly all blue skies & hot temperatures and calm seas. With exception to possible strong NE local winds in March. 

May through December is the rainy season. Temperatures are cooler, skies overcast. Rain is intermittent, mostly rains after 5:00 pm. Sea conditions continue to remain mostly calm, sometimes rougher offshore early morning from overnight rain showers. October & November are usually the wettest months, but it still mostly intermittent showers and certain to rain at night. 

October and November are possibly the best fishing of the year with more species and most bites.

Plenty of Miller Lite, Coors Light, Balboa, Corona, bottled water, some sodas.

Rum, Scotch, Vodka, Bourbon, Canadian, Tequila and Beer. Limes, Coke, Seven-up, Tonic, Club Soda, Fruit Juice, Bloody-Mary Mix.

World Class nightlife in a safe modern, cosmopolitan environment.  Plenty of excellent restaurants, bars & nightclubs to explore in this little city. Best to hire a driver to stay with you all night. Don’t rent a car, too confusing. Drivers are very helpful. 

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