Houndfish (Crocodile Needlefish)

Catch unique and interesting Crocodile Needle Fish on your next sports fishing trip in Panama!

The Houndfish is a unique and interesting fish. In fact, it can grow up to 5 feet and weigh up to 10 pounds! Due to its appearance, it’s also known as the Crocodile Needlefish.  

houndfish coiba island fishing

Houndfish get to be five feet, they jump and they are cool looking. The bones are same color blue as their mouths, the meat is even a bit aquamarine color as well. Nearly no one ever eats them, people think they are bony and are put off by the blue. Houndfish are easy to fillet and taste excellent, very similar to rainbow trout. The meat cooks up clean white, delicate, with very nice flavor. Wahoo like to eat them and so do we.

Hound fish are found throughout the world in tropical and subtropical waters.  The most common place they are found are:

  • The coast of South Africa
  • Indian Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean
  • The Red Sea
  • Eastern Pacific

They are typically found inhabiting lagoons and seaward reefs. Their diet consists of:

  • Anchovies
  • Small flying fish
  • Small fish

While Hound fish are usually a catch and release quarry for fishermen, they can put up a hard fight.  They are known to leap out of the water, as well as hold on to their bait tightly. If, they sense immense danger, they bit with their sharp teeth and may attack with their “beak”. Care must be taken when boating this fish so you don’t get bit!

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