A Ladyfish caught on light tackle, jumps like a miniature tarpon. It’s a powerful little bugger that is going to wind up going back out as bait for Roosterfish, Cuberas and tarpon.

LadyfishThe Ladyfish is among the Elops Genus. It’s also known as Skip Jack which is a bit confusing to some as the Skip Jack is normally referenced to a fish in the tuna family. It’s a long, slender fish with a small head, large mouth and large eyes. However, its scales are small and thin.  The average size is up to 20 pounds and 3 feet.

Ladyfish are primarily found in tropic and sub tropic waters. They can be found inshore waters in:

  • Atlantic Coasts
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Caribbean Sea
  • Brazil
  • South America

The Adult Ladyfish are aggressive predators and can swallow their prey whole! They feed on:

  • Silversides
  • Small bony fish;
  • And even smaller Ladyfish

Ladyfish are often spotted by anglers when they are hunting for other types of fish such as Redfish and Spanish Mackerel.  However, most fishermen are realizing that Ladyfish are aggressive fighters and they actively seek them.

When hooked, Ladyfish are very active. They start twisting, turning, leaping and performing acrobatic type moves in the water.  They run long and fast and they are hard to tire out!  This makes them the perfect challenge for fishermen. 

When it comes to eating Ladyfish, most people don’t recommend it.  This is mostly due to their small bones and mushy texture. However, some people have found a way to make Ladyfish tasty by frying it and making fish patties and fish cakes.

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