Panama Fishing Lodge for Fishing Isla Coiba

Bahia Honda

Only four miles from Isla Coiba National Park. Fourteen miles from Isla Coiba itself. Our private small fishing lodge is located as close to Isla Coiba (Where the fish are) as can be. Islands everywhere, people nowhere but here… on Isla Talon or Isla Managua depending on which nautical chart you are reading. Here’s the only people living near Coiba.  On this island inside Bahia Honda live maybe 150 people as they have for many generations. We are very fortunate to offer this awesome location to fish Panama’s fishiest waters from. 

Not a luxury hotel ~ It’s the only hotel

Bahia Honda is 20 miles Northwest up the coast from the nearest road. That road ends at Playa Banco / San Lorenzo near the popular surfing town of Santa Catalina.

What is truly most important in a fishing lodge is location. Further from roads ~ usually better the fishing.

Captain Tom and daughter Jessica endeavor to provide quality personalized service, far away down here,

Where The Big Fish Are.

View from room. It’s quiet out there. So quiet  you might hear Humpback Whales snoring in the night. During August, dozens of Humpback whales calf in the waters surrounding Isla Coiba. Locals claim whales sometimes stay in the bay.  I’m told they hear the whales breathing, out there in the still nights. 


You won’t hear those whales at night from inside this room. Not with that wall unit air-conditioner growling above your head. You’ll sleep well however. The food is very good, the room gets cold, and the king beds are best quality and new December 2018. 



What’s not to like? 




Hot coffee served at 4:30 am

Not a luxury hotel ~ It is the only hotel



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