Pacific Sailfish

Sports fishing in Panama doesn’t get any better than this!

One of the fastest fish in the world, the Pacific Sailfish is a prized game fish. Its body is beautifully adorned with blue and silver spots and has a large blue dorsal fin.  However, due to their nervous system they can change colors. If it feels threatened or anxious, the Pacific Sailfish will change colors, not only to show its change in emotions, but also call for help.

sailfish panama gamefish

Pacific Sailfish are more aggressive than Atlantic Sailfish and at least twice as large. Sailfish are considered the fastest fish in the world and can swim up to 70 miles per hour. The sail is normally retracted and only raised to aid in herding bait, to put off predators, when mating and possibly to regulate body temperature. Sailfish are known to grow 5 feet in one year. They may continue to grow to 12 feet and over 200 pounds. Pacific Sailfish can live up to 4 years old.

Sailfish were abundant during the 90’s here off Coiba, especially during December through April.  Tuna seiners have been banned for over 3 years from now fishing within 200 miles of Panamanian territory! Long-liners have been outlawed for over 3 years in the waters surrounding the Hannibal Bank, from Coiba out past Isla Montousa.  Obedience to the law was slow to take, but it appears now, long liners are history.  It looks like our sails are coming back.

Pacific Sailfish can be found in tropical and subtropical waters and can be found inhabiting:

  • Small reefs
  • Land Masses
  • Current eddies

The Pacific sailfish diet consists of:

  • Bony fish
  • Squid
  • Octopus
  • Anchovies
  • Jacks
  • Sardines
  • Trigger fish

sailfish coiba island

Discover why many anglers love sports fishing in Panama for this type of fish!

Many anglers love this beautiful fish.  Pacific Sailfish are known to perform incredible aerial acrobatics. They have superior strength and are strong fighters.  However, they are known to tire out after a long battle.  On your next sports fishing trip in Panama, you will be glad that you encountered one of these beautiful fish.  When sailfish are about, we know it!  They free jump, get into our Marlin baits and we see them swimming on the surface.  We can even fish for them with lures and Panama baits.   A Panama bait is a belly strip filleted of a Little Tunny (Bonito) and tied to a hook.  Today you can expect to raise a half dozen sailfish on a good day.

These Sailfish are beautiful fish here in Isla Coiba. Many of our guests catch approximately 3-5 sailfish in a day!  We have so many game fish here, it’s not like Costa Rica or Guatemala, where sails or Dorado are all you can expect to catch.  July through November we catch sailfish closer inshore.  Sails are a thrilling surprise when trolling near shore for Wahoo or when live bait fishing for Cubera Snapper.

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