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With a name meaning “good to eat”, you can be assured that Wahoo is a pure delight!  It has a long-streamlined body, cobalt blue stripes and a long tail fin.  It’s believed that it’s a close relative to the King Mackerel, however, some scientists think otherwise.  However, the Wahoo is built like a torpedo .  Wahoo can grow to over 100 pounds and up to 8 feet long, however, its average size ranges from 8 pounds to 30 pounds. Wahoo have been recorded swimming at speeds up to 46 mph. They may live up to 7 years.  All tackle record is 158 lbs. The biggest record was 182 lb. and 8 feet long.

Wahoo are typically pelagic ocean fish. They can either be found alone or in small groups.  These are not the sort of fish you can easily target. However, here on Isla Coiba you will find a plethora of Wahoo migrating inshore and gathering in predictable areas.  In fact, it’s common for anglers to catch a dozen or more Wahoo in under a couple of hours over the same bait holding area. However, we may catch one or two Wahoo per angler, and release smaller fish.

Wahoo are often found in tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world. They can usually be found inhabiting:

  • Off shore reefs
  • Coral Sea
  • Reefs in the Pacific Northwest
  • Great Barrier Reef

This fish is worth the Panama sport fishing trip!

wahoo gamefish coiba island

With its fast speed, agility, and razor sharp teeth, the Wahoo is a predator!  Wahoo typically feed on squid but will eat any other type of fish that it can fit into its mouth.

Wahoo have super speed and strength. It’s no surprise they can reach swimming speeds up to 60 mph. Not only that, but their razor-sharp teeth and aggressive nature make them a game fisherman’s delight!  While they are a curious fish, they have a strong prey instinct. When a Wahoo gets hooked, we speed the boat up and go into a turn, which often results in more strikes!  We have a lot of Wahoo holes all around the islands. Wahoo are usually found near underwater rock structures in 120-180 feet of water.

The Wahoo is naturally curious and are attracted to shiny objects.  Once you create these distractions, troll on a drift near the bait holding areas, cast metal jigs beyond the float—returning rapidly for hard hitting line strikes! Like all white meat fish, they accelerate from a standstill rapidly to a nail a bait. We most often fish for Wahoo with four TLD 25s 40 lbs. line, wire, leader and diving plugs trolled at 4-5 knots. Wahoo is an oily fish and tasty to eat.

Game fishing in Panama is a great adventure. Whether you are Black Marlin Fishing in Panama, searching for Yellowfin Tuna, or just enjoy Sport fishing in Panama or anywhere else in the world, you can rest assured that you will have the time of your life with Coiba Adventures.

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