Dorado (Dolphinfish / Mahi Mahi)


Santa Catalina

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TWhen hooked, the Dorado is known for lots of jumping into the air as well as heart pounding runs and dives. When pulled up to the boat and out of the water, its coloration is a kaleidoscope of colors. It is one of the most beautiful fish you will ever see. It is famous for its mild taste and flaky texture – and it can be prepared in a variety of scrumptious manners. They can be hooked in numerous ways – from live bait, to cut bait, to lures. Dorado normally run in schools and when that happens, by leaving one in the water while hooked, you try to hook a second fish before landing the first…and so on. The exception to this would be the large “bull” male Dorado when tend to swim and feed solo.

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