Yellow Snapper

Yellow Snapper will be a fun catch on your Panama sports fishing trip!

Yellow snapper is also known as Pargo Amarillo to those that speak Spanish. It is a common inshore catch while trolling small Rapallas. Everybody loves a snapper. It’s primarily found in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. These places include:

  • Sea of Cortez
  • Mexico
  • Central and South America

yellow snapper
Like other snapper species, yellow snapper can be found inhabiting:

  • Rocky areas
  • Shallow waters
  • Inshore reef areas

While they are small, on average 7 pounds, they are great fighters.  Their diet consists of:

  • Mollusks
  • Crustaceans
  • Small fish
  • Shrimp
  • Crab

In addition to finding yellow snapper on your next sports fishing trip in Panama, you may also encounter other varieties of snapper including:

  • Barred snapper
  • Mangrove snapper
  • Pacific red snapper
  • Mullet snapper
  • Cubera snapper

While different snappers have different fighting styles, most of them will put up an action packed fight. You will have fun reeling in one of these Yellow snappers for sure!

When it comes to sport fishing in Panama, you can’t go wrong with snapper.  It’s no secret that everyone loves a snapper! And most of them make for great eating as well.

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