Your next Panama Sport Fishing Trip can include reeling in Cherna!

Cherna is the Spanish name for Red Grouper. Red Grouper has large eyes and it varies in size. It’s often confused with other types of grouper, however, the distinguishing factor is the absence of a notch on their membrane. It also has a long dorsal fin. Unlike other fish in its genus, the red grouper has pelvic fins inserted posterior to the pectoral fins.  They also have scales and thick skin located at the base of their anal and soft dorsal fins. These fish can grow up to 4 feet long and weigh up to 51 pounds! Not only that, they can live for 25-3o years!

cherna gamefish panama fishing

What’s interesting about this type of fish, is that they all start as females and then turn into males between 7 and 14 years old. You can find them on muddy and rocky bottoms of coastal waters with depths that range from 16 to 1,083 feet.

If you are looking to reel in some red grouper, they are often found in the following areas:

  • The Atlantic Ocean
  • Brazil
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • The Caribbean Sea
  • Central America
  • Pacific Ocean

Red Grouper typically feed on crabs, shrimp, snapper, parrot fish and other marine invertebrates.  However, red grouper is prey to sharks and barracudas.

Red Grouper has a sweet, mild flavor and is highly favored among other fish in its genus.  You can compare the taste to Red Grouper with Bass and Halibut.

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