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Want to Fish Panama for Big Marlin? 

I can hook you up. I’m Tom Yust, Panama charter boat captain; I work the Hannibal Bank in the Pacific for Black & Blue Marlin. I’ll take you out fishing with a beautiful 31ft Bertram. We’ll catch some live bonitos, rig them to circle hooks; then slowly troll our live bait in among schools of bonito, that often aggregate over subsea rocks.  

We’ll use double spreader outriggers to spread the lines far apart from each other; and to allow a built-in instant drop-back, as your marlin strikes. We can use downriggers to bring two live bonitos down near the thermocline. When fighting your marlin, you’ll appreciate the fighting chair with fighting bucket hooked up to bent-butt heavy tackle.  Enjoy the wild experience without fatigue. All your effort is concentrated in your legs, instead of your back or arms. Stand-up fighting fish this big is just stupid hard. 

The Hannibal Bank is World Famous for Black Marlin

And for good reason. Slow trolling large live bait, over this seamount, has proven a high degree of success for the relatively few, who have been lucky enough to fish here. It’s amazing, marlin grounds of such an outstanding reputation, where, so few sport boats are seen. 

The Hannibal Bank is closest, to our three best Black Marlin spots. So when Black Marlin is my target species, I’ll go to the bank first. Hannibal Bank is thirty-six miles from our lodge in Bahia Honda and takes me two hours to be at the honey hole.  Since December 2018, when we began lodging in Bahia Honda, no other land-based charter is closer.

You will most enjoy fishing marlin south of Isla Coiba near, the islands Jicaron & Jicarita. Few people at all, ever even lay eyes on these paradise islands. You will feel most fortunate just being, in such an excellent fishing ground. Here is the best natural territory for marlin imaginable. Blacks & Blues~ bait & lures; Rarely another sportfishing boat. Awesome to be here.

Isla Coiba is Where You Catch the Big Fish, Panama is Famous For

Isla Coiba and surrounding islands are home to big trophy gamefish of various species. Wahoo fishing couldn’t be better, than just outside of Bahia Honda where we lodge. I have been guiding fishermen in these remote islands since 1991. That is a lot of experience, nearly 30 years fishing the same paradise, finding these beautiful rare and unusual fish; fish you should love to see for yourself. 

Our Lodge in Bahia Honda is Close to the Fishing

MUST SEE Satellite View of Bahia Honda. Zoom out to see Isla Coiba Isla Jicaron & Jicarita

Islands everywhere. From our lodge to the marlin grounds you’ll pass by and through many islands, home to Panama’s best fishing for big Cubera Snapper. Find trophy size Roosterfish, Wahoo, Snook, Sailfish and many species,  strong fighting saltwater gamefish.

My high energy daughter Jessica, is your hostess & cook back at our island lodge. We render quality. Your comfort and happiness back at the lodge are insured; it’s cheerful Jessica’s mission.

We are a small outfit offering personalized, best quality service.  Way down here ~ where the fish still grow big and plentiful.  You are going to catch a big fish on this trip. 

Give Jessica or Tom a call now US 314-544-8555 


Home Parallax

Fighting a big marlin and ultimately releasing the fish strong and alive, is a fantastic experience few fishermen can claim to have achieved.

Black and Blue Marlin are the biggest most explosively powerful gamefish, in the world . And big marlin frequent  Hannibal Bank in numbers, that have made Hannibal Bank world famous. Yet incredibly you’ll see only a couple other sport boats,  if any others at all, while you fish using live bonitos baited for marlin, on the Hannibal Bank. 

The quality of a big marlin fight is greatly influenced by the boat you are on and the tackle you are using.

You will appreciate the feel of fighting fish of these sizes while sitting, and working the rod with your legs. Relaxing your back and left hand altogether. A full-size fighting chair & fighting bucket attached to heavy tackle, with bent butt rod gives you great ability to boat big Yellowfin Tuna, Black and Blue Marlin much quicker and without totally exhausting yourself. 

With Captain Tom handling the gears & throttles of his 31’Bertram; You’ll keep your marlin jumping at the surface near the boat. Once the big marlin tires of jumping and sounds, you might increase the drag pressure to, full. Then hold  tight in the fighting chair, as the captain moves the boat slowly forward, pulling your monster back to the surface once again. You could lower your drag pressure back to strike, as the boat goes hard in reverse. while you take up line to  reach the leader… quickly.


You will be on the right spot aboard the right boat




Lucky You, there are many beautiful species to find on your way to,

or from

Hannibal Bank



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