Catch big ones anytime of year around Isla Coiba. Live bait gets the big ones but casted surface lures catch the most.

Surface lures like Yo-Zuri Hydro Tiger Arbogast Scudder and Roberts Ranger Lure catch the most.


If a Roosterfish is near the shoreline… it is actively feeding.  Roosters nail poppers & ranger lures very aggressively. If one is following your lure….don’t slow down; reel and pull faster. Boom!


King of the nearshore predators Roosterfish are a class unto their own.

Once thought to be a Jack. Now it’s known these are unique among all fishes,  because the swim bladder  penetrates the Rooster’s brain, and making contact with the inner ear.

 The swim bladder is then used to amplify sounds. This could be how they home in on a surface plug so quickly.



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Russ Roosterfishing 

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