Bull Shark

Bull Shark Fishing!

Bull Sharks are powerful beautiful and delicious. Discard the fins and eat the shark. Asians must be crazy for causing the opposite.  The fins do nothing. Boil the fins down and you get tiny cartilaginous, rainbow hued transparent sperm like noodles sort of  , with zero flavor.  Five big $500 fins in one week couldn’t increase my libido. The meat however is awesome, white with excellent fresh flavor. 
Your next Panama Big Game Fishing Trip will be an exciting adventure!

Bull sharks are a target species if you desire. Evenings not far from our lodge, we fish over certain rock reefs, drifting or slow trolling  live black skipjack tuna. Usually a tactic for Cubera Snapper, only difference is… change the light mono leader for a heavier wire one. Big Cubera are wise and nowadays heavy mono or wire leader my put them off. Bull Sharks don’t care, they bite aggressively and get hung on a hook easily. So powerful to fight standing up, you won’t likely bring one to the boat in under 45 minutes on 50lb tackle. You won’t want to do this twice. One bull shark is all a guy could ever want.


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