Sierra Mackerel

Sierra Mackerel are fun fish to catch on your next sports fishing trip in Panama!

The Sierra Mackerel, also known as the Pacific Sierra Mackerel, and the Spanish Mackerel is found in various places in the Central Pacific.

sierra mackerel coiba island gamefish

These areas include:

  • Galapagos Islands
  • Peru
  • Southern California
  • Mexico
  • Central America
  • Pacific Coasts

Sierra Mackerel is a common catch around Coiba! Most are about the same size as a big trout and come skipping right in! This is a favorite breakfast fish and one of the best fish for fish tacos or Ceviche!

Have fun fighting these fast-moving fish on your sports fishing trip in Panama!

These game fish with razor sharp teeth are easily identified by their silver-blue body adorned with yellow-brownish spots on its side and its contrasting dorsal fins.  They are not choosy eaters; however, they eat anchovies, small fish, squid, sardines or anything they can get their jaws on!

The Sierra mackerel is a real treat for many game fishermen.  Its fast moving, aggressive, and can put up a good fight.  However, most of the true fighters are over 36 inches!

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