Blue Marlin


Blue Marlin

Blue MarlinOut on the edge of the ledge of the continental shelf

 Where the bottom does something unusual; like comes up most fast and vertical, makes a corner, goes into a canyon or, where it rises up current of a bank or island.  Out in 600 – 3,000 foot water,  search  from the tuna tower for  signs of life.  Only a couple distant birds out here,  could lead to a mass of bait only visible on the sounder even 300 feet below.  That place may have turtles, floating debris or a sailfish jumping in the same area. This is the sort of event where to concentrate our lure trolling. Bridge teaser, four lures; hook-less, not or combination, with hooked lures in the long riggers and hook-less flat line teasers. Ready with live bonito pitch baits in the tuna tubes.  We’ll drive wide figure 8 patterns around what seem like center, at 9-10 knots mostly.

Fast Action.

Unlike Black Marlin hook-ups, which more often are a calm start. Blue Marlin on lure is a quick start drill. Lot’s and lot’s of ways they can unstuck or destroy tackle very quickly. I have not caught so many monster blue marlin I’ve seen.  I endeavor to get better. A good deck hand makes so much difference.  You’ve got to watch the lures. Marlin come up and disappear often with out touching a lure.

 Watch the lures

 When you even think you see or saw, a dark image behind one, a fin or a bill;  quickly reel and move that lure or at least, any of the lures or teasers. Make something move, change up the speed with any of the lures. Predator response takes over, they can’t help it, they move on it. They can see hooks too, you’ve got to really move it when the fish is tracking. Drop the lure back in free-spool w/ clicker & thumb on if lure got struck and no hook set, “let it die”… then speed it up again. Predator functional prey response.

If we lose the shot, quick thinking would stop the boat and send in a live bait while reeling in the lures. He’s likely still down there near-by, wondering about those lures. Maybe others too. If we can’t get a response with the live bait, mark the spot and troll a couple figure 8s before moving on.

December through April is when you want to troll lures for Blue Marlin.  Favorite areas  lie near Isla Jicaron, Hannibal Bank, Piedra de Hacha Bank, Banana Bank and near Isla Montousa.

Blue Marlin hooked-up, go into insanely fast escape tactics.  Double hook-ups happen plenty often.

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