Tarpon is a game fish to try on your next sport fishing trip in Panama!

This long- living fish is a trophy for many anglers.  This is a unique type of fish. Tarpon are slow growing, long lived fish. Tarpon experience rapid growth till the age of 12 and then slows down significantly. A 100-lb. tarpon is 12-16 years old, and they can live up to a maximum of 55 years!  It’s usually found in the Atlantic Ocean; however, many Tarpon have been spotted in the Pacific. It’s believed that these fish traveled from the Panama Canal and inhabited the Pacific side. However, some tarpons have been spotted as far as:

  • Nova Scotia
  • Argentina
  • Southern France

tarpon coiba island fishing

They can be found inhabiting

  • Rivers
  • Lagoons
  • Estuaries
  • Coastal Waters

Tarpon are easily distinguished by their greenish/bluish tops and silver sides.  While some Tarpon have been recorded as being large as 161 pounds and growing up to 8 feet in length, most tarpon weigh roughly around 40 pounds.

Their diet usually consists of:

  • Crabs
  • Grass Shrimp
  • Fish

The Silver King is another name the Tarpon goes by and rightfully so. The Tarpon is a great challenge for the avid game fisherman!  With its decent size, accessible hunts, superior strength and fighting spirit, this fish makes it a great fight!

Whether you are looking for Tarpon, Black Marlin Fishing in Panama, or another type of sporting fishing, you can be assured that we have a lot of variety on our Panama sport fishing trips!

We rarely see little Tarpon. Every fish we’ve hooked looks to be at least 60 pounds and most seem like they must go one hundred!  Nearly every Tarpon we’ve hooked has been on a red and white CD-14, and usually in the same four spots off the SW and South sides of Coiba. We lose most of them, the small treble hooks on a CD-14 are not much for that big hard mouth.  Most of the hook-ups seem to be in February. Often in cloudy water near a river mouth when pelicans are diving and feeding.  We get them when fishing for variety. It’s amazing all the species that will take a CD Magnum Rapalla or Yo- Zuri Crystal Minnow. I’ve had anglers who’ve caught over 30 species in a week! 

We have a lot of variety here in Isla Coiba. It’s a great part of the fun fishing in this pristine Paradise. You never know what’s going to hit next! A Tarpon is my favorite surprise.

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