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Tilefish are a unique and interesting fish.  In fact, there are 2 sub families of Tilefish. One family being the: Latilinae and the other, the Malacanthidae family.  They can be distinguished by their different bodies.  Latilinae family members have deeper bodies and rounder heads.  The members of the Malacanthidae family are slenderer with elongated bodies and do not have roundish heads.   The members of the Malacenthidae family are classified as gray, blue and gold Tilefish.

Tilefish coiba island fishing

However, both members of the Tilefish family have long dorsal and anal fins.  In both families, you can find golden tile fish. However, the Malacanthidae family also has gray and blue Tilefish.

Depending on the family, some may be found in deep water, while others may be ins shallow waters.  While there are different types of Tilefish, most can range anywhere from 3 pounds up to 20 pounds!

Tilefish feed on:

  • Sea Urchins
  • Small Fish
  • Crab
  • Shrimp 

Sport fishing in Panama is exhilarating! While these fish are not massive in size, they put up a great fight.  Once hooked, they will pull hard and you can be prepared for a tug of war!

Tilefish are tasty to eat and is known to have a similar flavor to crab and lobster.

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