Fishing Lodge

Small Private Fishing Lodge


 Our small fishing lodge is located where you still catch, the big fish Panama is famous for.

Islands everywhere, people nowhere but here.  Bahia Honda is home to the only people living near Coiba.

 On this island inside Bahia Honda live maybe 150 people as they have for many generations. 

Bahia Honda is 24 miles Northwest up the coast from the nearest road.

That road ends at Playa Banco / San Lorenzo near the popular surfing town of Santa Catalina.

Here is the shortest distance to Hannibal Bank, Isla Jicaron, Isla Montousa marlin fishing.

Captain Tom and daughter Jessica endeavor to provide quality personalized service, far away down here,

Where the greatest variety of big fish are.


Hot coffee awaits outside your door at 4:30 am. Leave the dock at dawn and return around 6:30 pm. 




The worlds  most famous fishing lodge Tropic Star

 Tropic Star is located near Colombia in the Darian Provence.   This lodge is the greatest for many good reasons, including lots of Black Marlin.

 But it’s not for everyone.

You’d be fishing among 15 lodge boats and maybe a dozen larger boats down from Panama City.

All doing mostly the same thing, at the same place most days.

Everyone leaves the dock at the same time. Everyone must be back on the dock before 3:30. 

It’s easy if you are a novice angler at Tropic Star. The crews won’t allow you to touch anything. Stay out of the way until they hand a rod to you.

 Trophies and certificates are awarded to guests who drew the best performing crew. 

Other Panama fishing lodges 

Most are also on the Pacific Coast nearer to Costa Rica. The lodges are easy to reach, but a long way to the fishing. 

Outboard powered center consoles.



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