Horse Eye Jack

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More powerful than a Jack Crevalle. We pull poppers off the outriggers when inshore trolling. I’ll pull a popper right next to a wash rock and sometimes the attacker is a Horse-Eye, it can attack and pull drag making you think you have a fish five times it’s size. It’s a good fish. Not a very common catch. Never ate one. Some of the natives say they are very good eating.

horse eye jack game fish coiba island

While the Horse-Eye Jack is similar in appearance to his cousin, the Jack Crevalle, it’s a great game fish and a super hard fighter when hooked.  Horse-Eye Jacks are typically 10 pounds, but some have been reported as being as large as 30 pounds!

You can find most Horse-Eyed jack in the Atlantic Ocean. While in the Atlantic Ocean, they are commonly found in:

  • Freshwater rivers
  • Offshore reefs
  • Oil rigs
  • Deep blue water holes
  • Shallow waters (mostly juveniles)

In addition to being found in the Atlantic, Horse–Eye Jack are also found in:

  • Pacific Ocean
  • African Coast
  • Caribbean Ocean

The Horse-Eye jack can be distinguished by its appearance.   Some characteristics of his appearance are:

  • It has bright yellow tail
  • It has a dorsal fin that consists of 8 spines
  • Its anal fins have approximately 19—22 soft rays
  • Has the largest eyes out of all the fish in the jack family
  • Colors can range from dark blue, silvery blue, silvery white, and golden

The Horse-eye jack diet usually consists of:

  • Crab
  • Shrimp
  • Fish
  • Invertebrates

The Horse-Eye Jack is edible; however, most people like fighting and catching this fish more than eating them.  So, when you are on your next sport fishing trip in Panama, you may  encounter these hard fighting fish.

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