Ballyhoo Make the Difference

BallyhooI recommend to my customers to bring a case of “Select” Ballyhoo (frozen) from “Baitmasters” when they come for a sportfishing charter to fish Isla de Coiba and Hannibal Bank in Panama.

At only $120 per case for Select, Unrigged Ballyhoo it is definitely worth it.

You’ll have many more surprise shots at fish you’d otherwise never had seen. Read the article below on catching a black marlin on a spinning rod – he used Select Ballyhoo.

Gamefish here, can’t resist Ballyhoo for some reason.
One mile from where Don released his marlin (see post on Black Marlin on a spinning rod), his new wife Georgene herself, teased, then hooked this decent sized Roosterfish!
sportfishing charter isla coiba

Georgene has been an avid “fisherman” (or fisherwoman as in this case) her entire life. Until she came to fish Isla Coiba with us, she had never caught a really large fish. The above Roosterfish was the heaviest fish of her life and gave her a real fight. Days before, again using Ballyhoo for bait, Georgene fought the largest fish of her life – a bull Dorado, after a 20 minute acrobatic fight.

The fishing charters here with Coiba Adventures around Isla de Coiba and Hannibal Bank in Panama offer amazing fishing catching opportunities. Oh, the Roosterfish was carefully released after this photo was taken. The Dorado on the other hand became lunch.

dorado isla coiba

If you want to have the fishing experience of a lifetime, contact us today for more information, charter fishing packages and rates.


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